Coaching Overview

2021/22 Season


If you’ve put up your hand to coach for the first time, are a returning coach or are an assistant coach, thank you! The Club is very grateful that you have made the effort and a significant time commitment to get involved in the club and community. 


Fun, Respect and Teamwork

WDJCC’s purpose is to grow cricket participation and, more broadly, to grow the community. We believe the best way to do this is by supporting you to create an environment where the players and parents have fun, show respect and build teamwork.


What about winning? Winning and losing are an important part of the game but the reason the players return to cricket is to have fun. Don’t get us wrong, fun isn’t mucking around, that just creates chaos. To have fun, players need to see that the team and their individual skills are improving. To help you and the team have fun, Cricket Australia and WDJCC provide a range of coaching and player skills support programs.


Coach Checklist

To help ensure you are ready for the season, head to our Coach Checklist page

Community Coach Accreditation

If you haven’t registered as a Community Coach and completed the Community Coach Accreditation Courses within the last four years you will need to complete it before this season – it is compulsory. This involves an ‘Introduction to Cricket’ online course that takes about an hour and a 3 hour face-to-face Community Coaching Course that is run by the WACA. Once complete you will have access to all of the Cricket Australia online tools, apps and the WACA Coaching Development Courses. This link provides the instructions to complete the Introduction to Cricket (online course) and Community Coaching (F2G Course).


You’ll receive an email on Wednesday 30 September 2019 asking for you to confirm that your accreditation is up to date or that you’ve completed the online steps and booked into the Community Coaching Course. If you have any issues or need help with the Cricket Australia system, please let us know.


Cricket Australia Rules and Coach Packs

The official Central Junior Cricket Association Rules that will apply to your age group are found hereCricket Australia provides Coach Packs at this link. These packs provide generic but valuable information on the playing rules, pitch set up, boundary set up, bowling and batting limit break downs and match management tips.


Cricket Australia Coaching App

The CA Coaching App is a simple, useful and award winning tool that helps you plan your training sessions. The app provides training session templates and nearly 200 different training activities. For more information and links to download the app click here.


WDJCC Coaching Support

During the Season, WDJCC provides:

a) Training Support Coaches to assist you during your regular training sessions; and

b) Player Skill Development sessions on the school holidays.


 a)  Training Support Coaches

During the season (Oct-Dec and Feb) we provide you with the opportunity to have a Perth Cricket Academy Coach attend your training sessions. The way it works is you run your training session as normal and use the Perth Cricket Academy coach to run a specific part of the training session, focusing on an area that you’d like to improve. This could be fielding drills, bowling, batting, wicket keeping, running between the wickets, etc. This helps the players build their skills, gives you new ideas on how to coach a skill, gives the players some variety and at the very least gives you bit of a break from leading the whole session. We will email more information once the Team training times and grounds have been set.


b)  Player Skill Development sessions (Oct and Jan school holidays)

To help the players build their skills, WDJCC runs School Holiday Clinics in October and January. Your parents and players will receive registration emails directly. As a WDJCC coach you are welcome to attend any of these sessions to help out, and to learn coaching tips from the Perth Cricket Academy coaches – just email me the session that you will be attending so I can let PCA know that you are coming along.


WDJCC Individual Coaching Support

Some teams are more difficult to coach than others, depending on the skill, behaviour and engagement of the players and parents. If you are having difficulties coaching your team, please don’t hesitate to ask for help. The club is able to provide a wide range of support to improve the experience for you and your players.


Team Information and Logistics

Your Team Manager will coordinate and disseminate information on team members, equipment collection, training venue and times, fixtures, scoring, players uniforms, coach hat and shirt, WACA and Revo Sports discounts, etc. The Team Manager instructions are found here.


If you have any questions, ideas or need further support please feel free to email or phone.


WDJCC Coaching Coordinators


Colin Yoong                                             Joe Corcoran

0405 131973                                            0400 121 835