Woolworths Cricket Blast  


Woolworth’s Cricket Blast, the cricket program for 5-10 year olds, is split into Junior Blasters and Master Blasters. Each child receives a hat and shirt and these are ordered with their registration through MyCricket Australia. 


Wembley District Junior Cricket Club doesn’t manage the Cricket Blast Uniforms. Any enquiries for this please contact MyCricket.


No other uniform or equipment purchase is required for Cricket Blast.  


Junior Players 

Junior Cricket is for 9-17 year olds and players and coaches are required to wear the WDJCC uniform during matches.


WDJCC junior players must play in a club match shirt, long white pants & a WDJCC hat.


Match Shirts: Match shirts can be ordered through the club on the below link. Match shirts are white with black and must be worn for all matches. Short sleeve and long sleeve options are available.





Sizing charts can be viewed here:


The easiest way to find you or your child’s size is to find a shirt they currently wear that fits well and measure as shown on the charts.


All players must wear a hat during play. The Community Junior Cricket Council (CJCC) and WDJCC strongly recommends that this be a white broad brim hat, with the possibility of

the wicket keeper using a cap.

Both wide broad brim hats and caps are available to purchase.   



Players are requested to wear long white or cream cricket pants. These are not for sale through the WDJCC club. Please purchase independently at one of the suggested suppliers;

  • Revo Sports
  • or any other sports wear provider

Please order through link below

Uniform Orders

Training Shirts

This season WDJCC are providing training shirts. These must be worn during training not on game day however if two Wembley teams are playing against each other the away team can wear them. .


ICL (Integrated Cricket League) Players

ICL players are asked to please order their uniform through the link above. WDJCC supplies all ICL players with club shirts and hats. Please insert ‘ICL’ as the Promo Code at checkout.


Uniform Collection

Uniform collection will be arranged prior to the season starting – typically at the Season Launch. You will be notified closer to the time.


Second Hand Uniform

Due to the size of the club it is not possible for our volunteers to offer a second hand uniform shop. We suggest families look out on Buy Nothing Groups for uniforms being offered. Alternatively if you would like to set-up one up please contact the Club President or Uniform Coordinator.

Any Questions

Please contact Gemma Upson at if you have any queries.