Master Blasters and Junior Blasters

Junior Blasters and Master Blasters receive a hat and shirt with their registration. No other uniform or equipment purchase is necessary.

Junior Players

All WDJCC Junior players must play in a Club shirt, long white pants and a Club broad-brimmed hat. Club shirts and hats can be ordered using the link below. The WDJCC uniform changed last season and is transitioning in this 2019-20 season, so it is optional whether you wear the new or old design. The new design is below:




Sizing charts can be viewed here:


The easiest way to find you or your child’s size is to find a shirt they currently wear that fits well and measure as shown on the charts.


Please order through the below link.



White pants are not ordered through the club. Please purchase independently. Some suggestions of where to buy them include;

  • Revo Cricket - Revo Cricket is a proud supporter of WDJCC and offers a discount to all WDJCC players. They stock a full range of boys and girls white cricket pants.
  • Best and Less


Any Questions

Please contact Gemma Upson at