Team Manager Info

Thank you for volunteering to take on the Team Manager role for your team.

Link to printable Coach and Manager instructions for Pre-Season Setup and Pre- and Post-Match Tasks. 

  • Your primary role is Team communication. Passing on information from the Coach and Club. Send a weekly email to all players regarding match details.
  • Encourage all players and parents to provide more than one email address per player. Often the email address that was input at registration is not always the best contact.
  • Keep a list of parent/player mobile numbers with you so if someone is late to the game, you can get in contact with them.
  • Create a team roster for scoring. It is expected that all families share the scoring duties. Encourage parents who do not know how to score to sit alongside another scorer and learn.
  • Include morning tea on weekly parent roster. Ensure that this rostered person brings either ice or an icepack in case of injury.
  • Share out other duties – e.g. one parent can have the shade shelter for the whole/half season.
  • Print off a copy of the rules and keep them in the scorebook. Rules are here.
  • We have a high expectation of player and parent behaviour. Please do not hesitate to contact the Club if you have any issues in this regard. Codes of Behaviour and Policies and Procedures are available here.
  • Please do not hesitate to contact the Club if you have any questions during the season. Contact names and numbers are available here.
  • Please use our website as a source of useful information.
  • Update details in MyCricket as required. MyCricket support link